New FertilCrop Technical Note: Earthworm sampling


This technical note shows various methods to sample, measure and interpret earthworms, which are key organisms and indicators of soil quality, and also link to the productivity of an ecosystem. The higher the earthworm density and diversity, the better the earthworm’s living conditions and the more fertile is the soil.

Earthworms are relatively easy to detect and determine into three ecological groups. The number and distribution of the three ecological categories and the numerous earthworm species depends on soil management, soil type, the vegetation and climate conditions.

The technical note can be downloaded from Organic Eprints.

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Peigne, Joséphine, Huber, Kathrin and Pfiffner, Lukas (2018): Earthworm sampling. Technical Note. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Frick, Switzerland and Ecole d’ingénieurs ISARA, Lyon Cedex, France.

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