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Project info

Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems– FertilCrop

Funding: CORE Organic Plus Funding Bodies, being partners of the FP7 ERA-Net project CORE Organic Plus.

Project coordinator: Dr. Andreas Fliessbach, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Switzerland

Deputy coordinator: Dr. Jørgen Olesen, Department of Agroecology - Climate and Water, Aarhus University, Tjele, Denmark

Duration: 2015–2017

FertilCrop Technical Notes

FERTILCROP project flyer


Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems - FertilCrop

The project "Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems"- FertilCrop addressed sustainable crop management techniques that make efficient use of the interface to other plants, to the structured and stratified soil matrix, to beneficial microorganisms, and to the carbon and nitrogen cycle. The project was funded in the framework of the CORE Organic Plus project. More ...

FertilCrop built upon the work of the project Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable organic cropping systems – TILMAN-ORG, which aimed to design improved organic cropping systems with: enhanced productivity and nutrient use efficiency, more efficient weed management and increased biodiversity, but lower carbon footprints. The project ran from 2011 to 2014.  More ...

FertilCrop publications on Organic Eprints

Papers and publications from FertilCrop are available on the Organic Eprints archive at

FertilCrop technical notes

Several technical notes were produced in the framework of the FertilCrop project: Decomposition study using tea bags; Earthworm sampling; Examining root nodule activity on legumes and Weeds as soil bioindicators: How to sample and use data.

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FertilCrop videos

FertilCrop produced two videos on the spade test. Watch videos.

FertilCrop project flyer

The FertilCrop project flyer (10.4 MB) summarises the aimd and work of the FertilCrop project.