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Two videos about the spade test were produced in the FertilCrop project; see below.

For videos produced in the framework of the TILMAN-ORG project go to

Fertilcrop video on the spade test

Soils are the most valuable resource for crop production, but they receive very little attention because we take them as granted. Within the project FertilCrop, visual soil assessment and other hands-on techniques are compared to analytical soil tests. The  explains how to apply the spade test.

FertilCrop video on the spade test

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Italian video on the spade test by University of Florence

Agroecologist Luca Conte gives a practical explanation of how farmers, advisors and researchers can use the spade test to assess soil structure at field scale. This video provides an audio-visual practical guide to explain the main steps of the spade test.

Italian video on the spade test

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