Achievements of the FertilCrop project

In August 2016, the FertilCrop project coordinator submitted the Midterm report that information about the achievements of the project so far.


Twenty project partners from 13 countries are collaborating in FertilCrop with the objective to develop sustainable crop management techniques that efficiently use the interface to other plants, to the soil structure and the organisms in the soil, and to the carbon and nitrogen cycle. In close cooperation with farmers, FertilCrop is developing tools and decision support systems to recognize the interaction of economic and agronomic factors with the natural environment and particularly with the soil ecosystem.  

The project is subdivided into seven work packages covering the coordination and dissemination and scientific studies in the areas of weed ecology, soil physics and invertebrate ecology, soil microbiology, soil nitrogen dynamics, modelling and prototyping of farming systems and tools. 

Existing field trials on reduced soil tillage, green manures and other fertility inputs and the comparison of organic and conventional farming practice are used for the aims of the work packages. Archived data, soil samples, and new data collections are shared for specific analyses.



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