Dr. Jørgen Olesen
Aarhus University (AU) Department of Agroecology
Blichers Allé 20, Postboks 50
8830 Tjele
Tel. +45 40821659


Dr. Jordi Doltra
Cantabrian Agricultural Research and Training Centre (CIFA)
Héroes 2 de Mayo, 27
39600 Muriedas
+34 942 254388

WP 6: Modelling management effects on crop productivity and soil C and N dynamics in OF

Soil fertility management may have different effects in the short term compared to the long term, and effects likely depend strongly on climatic and soil conditions. Such effects are difficult to fully explore even in LTEs, where inter-annual variations and experimental error may mask effects. Understanding of all N and C flows in an experiment will require measurements that are mostly beyond what is achievable. Simulation models offer opportunities to explore the long-term effects of management practices under different soil and climatic conditions, provided the models are well calibrated and tested. Here, we will apply two simula-tion models (FASSET and NDICEA as adapted in TILMAN-ORG) that have both previously been tested and applied under OF conditions. Data from long-term experiments will be collected to test them for fertility management measures, including tillage, and for climatic conditions to assess productivity and environmental impacts. These results will be used to parameterise a strategic cropping systems fertility management tool in WP7.

The objectives of work package 6 are

  • To test simulations of crop productivity under varying soil fertility management regimes.
  • To test simulations of C and N dynamics in different tillage systems resulting in stratified soils.
  • To assess the effects of soil fertility management practices in OF on productivity, C- and N-balances, N-losses and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To parameterise a simple model for farm scale decision support on soil fertility management for WP7.


  • Work package coordinator: Dr. Jørgen Olesen, Aarhus University (AU), Denmark
  • Co-coordinator: Dr. Jordi Doltra, Cantabrian Agricultural Research and Training Centre (CIFA), Spain


  • Task 6.1: Simulation models for soil fertility management in OF.
  • Task 6.2: Productivity, environmental and greenhouse gas emissions under different soil fertility management measures.
  • Task 6.3: Parameterisation of the HighCrop strategic crop rotation planning tool.

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