Dr. Jørgen Olesen
Aarhus University (AU) Department of Agroecology
Blichers Allé 20, Postboks 50
8830 Tjele
Tel. +45 40821659

Aarhus University (AU), Denmark

Aarhus University (AU) participates in and leads a range of national and international project that study the interactions between crop productivity and environmental conditions, including climate and climate change as well as comparison of farming systems. Currently the coordinator of the EU-FP7 SmartSOIL project (3.7 M€) and participant in the AnimalChange (0.7 M€) and LegumeFutures (0.3 M€) projects. AU also have strong participation in the FACCE-JPI MACSUR (0.8 M€) project that also includes involvement in the global AgMIP project on improvement of agricultural models. A newly funded national project RowCrop (2.7 M€) will continue the funding of a long-term (since 1997) field experiment that compares organic and conventional arable cropping systems with test of a range of
fertility by building practices in organic farming (manure, legume-based catch crops, legume-based pastures). This experiment will be used in WP5 and WP6 as basis for synthesis and modelling on soil fertility effects on C and N cycling and effects on crop yield.

Scientists involved

  • Dr. Jørgen Olesen
  • Isik Öztürk
  • Peter Sorensen