Dr. Joséphine Peigné
23, rue Jean Baldassini
69364 Lyon CEDEX 07
Tel. + 33 4 27 85 85 85 62
Fax + 33 4 27 85 85 86
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ISARA Lyon, France

ISARA-Lyon is an Engineering University dedicated to higher education (Bsc and Msc programmes), research and extension in agriculture, food industry, and environmental sciences.

ISARA is recognised and supported by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Nutrition and Fisheries. It is member of the Federation of Private Engineering Universities in Agriculture, Food Industry and Environment (4 universities, 2'500 students, 180 professors and researchers, 24 research units). ISARA is effective in raising funds for research and extension services (40 percent of the iniversity resources).

The research unit on Organic Cereal Systems focuses on organic and low-input cropping systems with a special emphasis on nitrogen, soil and weed management. The unit develops a European Education Msc programme in agroecology.

The unit has been involved in several research projects funded by national grant agencies or international programs. ISARA Lyon coordinated the Agtec-Org project funded by CORE Organic I ( and co-coordinated TILMAN-Org project funded by CORE Organic II.

Scientists involved

  • Dr. Joséphine Peign
  • Florian Celette
  • Jean-François Vian