Dr. Jordi Doltra
Cantabrian Agricultural Research and Training Centre (CIFA)
Héroes 2 de Mayo, 27
39600 Muriedas
+34 942 254388

Cantabrian Agricultural Research and Training Centre (CIFA), Spain

The Cantabrian Agricultural Research and Training Centre (CIFA) is a public research institute located in Muriedas (Cantabria, Spain) that belongs to the Autonomous Government of Cantabria. CIFA is the responsible for the agricultural research programs in the region. The research activity is made up of the following thematic areas: horticulture, food quality, agricultural systems (including a research line in model-based analysis of organic and conventional cropping systems) and socio-economy. All the research and experimental programs are conducted by researchers in those areas and developed at the facilities owned by the Centre (offices, experimental fields, greenhouses and laboratories of analysis) as well as in collaborative farms. Master and PhD students can develop their research activity within these programs. CIFA also organizes courses in the most relevant agriculture and related topics for the region. The design and application of dissemination programs to all potential stake-holders including farmers, technicians, policy-makers or industry is another major activity of CIFA.

Scientists involved

  • Dr. Jordi Doltra
  • Dr. Eva García