Marjetka Suhadolc
Assist. Prof. of Soil Science
University of Ljubljana
Biotechnical Faculty, Agronomy Department   
Center for Soil and Environmental Science
Jamnikarjeva 101
1000 Ljubljana
Tel. +386 1 320-3204

University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia

University of Ljubljana (UL) is the biggest Slovenian general university in Slovenia with the fundamental mission of providing university level, advanced professional, and postgraduate education, as well as carrying out scientific research.  The Biotechnical Faculty is in charge of the work in the FertilCrop project; the faculty focuses on living nature (biology and microbiology) as well as agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (forestry, animal husbandry and agronomy) and the related production technologies (wood technology, food technology and biotechnology). The common denominator of all academic and scientific disciplines at the Biotechnical Faculty is natural resources (soil, physical space, flora, fauna, and water).

UL will contribute the long-term tillage experiment (reduced tillage vs. moldboard plowing), which will be converted from an intensive conventional system to an organic farming system. UL will be focusing on C-sequestration and N-cycling, coupled with soil biodiversity-functioning issues.

Scientists involved

  • Dr. Marjetka Suhadolc (soil science, soil microbiology)
  • Dr. Rok Mihelič (soil fertility, tillage)