Margrethe Askegaard
Agro Food Park 15
8200 Aarhus N
Tel. +45 8740 5445

SEGES (SEGES), Denmark

SEGES (formerly known as Knowledge Centre for Agriculture) is a private non‐profit test and research association owned by 30.000 Danish farmers. It bridges the gap between research and the farmers in close cooperation with local advisory centers and is the main supplier of professional knowledge for farmers as well as for food businesses, authorities and agricultural colleges.

SEGES is the main center for all agricultural advisers in Denmark. It has experience and expertise in research, and developing advisory tools for agricultural advisers. The Department for Organic Farming conducts organic field trials and advisory products for the organic farmers in cooperation with universities and coordination with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. The Department for Organic Farming has close contacts with farmers, advisers and the organic sector in general and continuously develops participatory projects to assure innovation and economic feasibility for organic farmers.

Scientists involved

  • Margrethe Askegaard